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    Home of the Camera Canvass Tracker

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    Map It!

    Create a centralized database of surveillance cameras within your jurisdiction.


    Search your database with our interactive geo-coded map.


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    Organize your Data!

    Store the name, address, and contact information for the custodians of the surveillance cameras.


    Save all DVR information for future reference.


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    Usable Data!

    Upload camera angle screenshots for future reference.


    Update the DVR data and add important notes for you and the rest of your agency to benefit from the next time you need it.


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    Calculate those difficult time calculations down to the second.


    Saves valuable time and reduces the risk of human error.


    Creates a permanent record for future reference and strengthen testimony.


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    Incident Tracking & Custom Mapping!

    After creating your "Incident"


    Document the locations visited and create custom maps.


    Customize the map with a variety of pins and notes while plotting the course of travel.


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    Detailed Exports!

    Strengthen your case and testimony with proper documentation.


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    Group Plans!

    Share DVR data across your entire jurisdiction with everyone in your agency/group.


    Users can access the database from ANY internet capable device, including their desktop computer.