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    Camera Canvass Tracker makes investigation easier by providing access to surveillance camera information that allows you to  


    Calculate the difference between       

    • Current time 
    • DVR time
    • Incident time

    Create reports and export directly to your email   

    • Who, what, where, when, and MORE

    Create your own database of cameras/DVRs

    • Full lists of DVRs entered and plotted on maps

    Customize your database search and sort to meet your needs

    • Location, distance, date, keyword, business name...


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  • With Camera Canvass Tracker, You Can...

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    Math Is Done For You

    You enter the time on the DVR and the time the incident occurred, and CCT takes care of the calculations.

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    Find Cameras Near You

    Find cameras you've already entered while at the scene of the incident.

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    For The Next Incident

    Enter vital contact information for the next time you may need video footage from the same location.

  • Accolades

    "Best Surveillance Video Tracking Software" - ASTORS, American Security Today

    astors american security today 2017 platinum award winner homeland security awards