• Group and Department plans are NOW AVAILABLE!!

    OPTIONS Explained


    Option 1: The Personal Use option which is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play. This option allows the users to utilize the app and access only the data entered by that one user.


    Option 2: The Group Account option (NOW Available) will allow the users to join together with their co-workers. Each member of the group plan will gain access through approval of EACH member in the group. Each member will approve the other members of the group to gain access to their data they have entered. This will allow particular members in a specific area to share their data with each other.


    Option 3: The Department Account option (NOW Available) contact us for rates.


    How the Department Account works:

    • The department as a whole would request that the application be available and installed for a specified number of cell phones/electronic devices (Tablets, I-pads, etc.).
    • Members of that department would be able to gain access to the application on their cell phones/electronic devices.
    • The users within the department would gain access to all data inputted by other members of said department.
    • The data would ONLY be accessible to the members of the department that were granted access.
    • The database for the department would build through several different means. 
      • First, we would upload any details regarding cameras that the department may already have stored directly into the account. 
      • Second, each user, during the course of his/her investigations, would enter the details of the cameras being viewing directly into their cell phones or electronic device. This would then be automatically entered into the database and be available to all of the departments’ users. This will also assist in keeping the data within the database current, as the information will constantly be updated. 
      • Thirdly, the department may do a camera survey. Utilizing the Camera Canvass Tracker for the surveys would allow the users to input the information directly into his/her phones or electronic devices, which would then go directly into the database. 
    • The Department Accounts will also include a full administrative panel for the department to manage its camera listings as well as a web-based version.  The web-based version allows access through desktop computers as well as any cellular devise with internet connection.